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Overarching solutions – the Membership Card System: a platform for kick-starting and sustaining a positive investment dynamic


The financing solutions developed within FALCO (hereafter referred to as FALCO solutions) will expand the energy renovation market, thereby allowing the renovation & retrofitting sector (incl. its suppliers) to enjoy additional revenues. The Membership Card System (MCS) is being set up to capture part of the economic value accruing to the renovation sector, and to use it to further increase the pace and ambition in energy renovation investments. These new investments will in turn generate additional revenues, that through the MCS will be put to use to further accelerate renovation.


The generic features of the MCS are as follows:

The MCS is an open and voluntary system – Anyrelevant equipment supplier can  join the MCS and become a “partner-supplier”, although this is not mandatory. Those people or organisations undertaking an energy renovation that use one of the FALCO solutions are incentivised to work with partner-suppliers but are under no obligation to work with these suppliers.

Result-based contributions from partner-suppliers – Partner-suppliers commit to offer to contribute to the MCS whenever those undertaking renovation works purchase goods or services from them that use one of the FALCO solutions. Hence, partner-suppliers only contribute to the MCS (e.g. in the form of a rebate) if and when they can issue an invoice: no contribution is required without the certainty of securing additional business.

Contributions used to further develop the energy renovation market: The partner supplier contributions to the MCS are used to further speed up the pace and ambition in energy renovation investments in the Flemish region. We have designed a lean process that allows a very transparent and hassle-free payment of contributions by partner-suppliers.

Modular design – The idea of the MCS originated while developing the ER 2.0 solution. Nevertheless, using a modular approach, the MCS can accommodate the needs of other (FALCO) financing solutions, bringing about additional investments. Such an expansion would further increase the bargaining power of the MCS (which could secure fair contributions from suppliers), and improve cost efficiency of the system (spreading fixed cost over a larger number of transactions).

After having passed initial testing, the MCS is currently undergoing a more extensive in-depth market validation.

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